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Homeownership Plus     Advantage 

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Homeownership Plus      Advantage
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Downpayment Requirement (3.5%) $7,000

Closing Cost (Estimated) $7,000 

 Cost To Close   $14,000 


Downpayment Assistance
applied -$7,000
 New Cost To Close $7,000 


 Seller Contribution
applied -$3,500 
Final Cost To Close   $3,500 


Getting Started

Is Easy

Complete the registration form below and we will immediately begin consulting on your behalf with our Participating Lenders to obtain home loan prequalification along with sourcing of Down Payment Assistance.
Registration $99.00
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Our Risk Free Refund Policy

If approvals are not obtained, there will be no responsibility for consulting fees to NowICanOwn*

After Pre-Approvals Are Obtained
Program Administration $299.00  
*DPA Consulting and Sourcing $450.00


*DPA Consulting and Sourcing includes:
  • Up to $20,000 assistance eligibility consulting
  • Prequalifications up to $400,000.
(Above 400,000, prequalifications or over $20,000 DPA eligibility additional 299.00)
Eligibility is determined when pre-approvals are obtained.