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Modern Living Room
Homeownership Plus     Advantage 

Getting Approved Is Simple With $0 Down Payment

(1min, 43s)


(1min, 03s)


(1min, 36s)
Case Study:      Advantage In Action
Downpayment Requirement (3.5%) $10,500

Closing Cost (Estimated) $10,500 

 Cost To Close   $21,000 



Downpayment Assistance
applied -$10,500
 New Cost To Close $10,500 


 Seller Contribution
applied -$5,250
Final Cost To Close   $5,250 

Getting Started

Is Simple.

Registration $99.00
 (Limited Time)

Risk Free Refund Policy

If approvals are not obtained, there will be no responsibility for consulting fees to NowICanOwn*

After Pre-Approvals Are Obtained
Program Administration $299.00  
*DPA Consulting and Sourcing $450.00


*DPA Consulting and Sourcing includes:
  • Up to $20,000 assistance eligibility consulting
  • Prequalifications up to $400,000.
(Above 400,000, prequalifications or over $20,000 DPA eligibility additional 299.00)
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