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Preferred Realtor Referral Partners 
(Receive Fully Approved Buyers Excited To Work With You)

Welcome Partner!

We are delighted to work with you. The Real Estate Industry can be tough but with any industry, making strategic alliances can make the difference between just getting by, excelling, or becoming a Rockstar.
Partnering with NowICanOwn will give you the ability to reach Rockstardom.  

About Selecting Your Territory
You will have the ability to select the region you specialize in. There are limitations, this will be explained by your onboarding agent. 

What is expected
We are very big on customer service. We expect our clients to be treated like gold. When client's are referred clients should be contacted same day or following day. 

Referral Process
Clients complete a realtor request form which prompts them to specify what, where and when they are looking to purchase. 
We forward you their request form along with their preapproval attached
you contact the client 
Take it from there

Understanding Partner Levels

There are 3 partnership levels with our company. 
Level One: Affiliate Realtor Referral Partner free
     Offer Benefits to buyers
Level Two: Preferred Realtor Referral Partner 99/mo.
     Offer Benefits to buyers
     Receive Buyers from Us
Level Three: Preferred Realtor Referral Marketing Partner custom
     Offer Benefits to buyers
     Receive buyers from Us
     Ability to do ad spend 

Program Costs Structure
Preferred Realtor Referral Partner
Marketing fee upon closing 25% of purchase price
Preferred Realtor Referral
Marketing Partner custom 20% of purchase price

Define Your Territory

Regions are assigned to a limited amount of agents per area. This ensures against oversaturation. 

Brokers will be able to define territory based on areas covered by top agents. Only Top producing agents should participate under Broker accounts.

Preferred Realtors can define territory however will be limited to 60 mile radius. 

Affiliate Realtors
(Offer Benefits To Your Buyers)

You Can Now Provide
  • Downpayment Assistance (DPA) 

  • Multi-Family DPA (up to 4 units)

  • (24 to 48-hour approvals)

  • Fast Prequalifications

  • Precommitment Certificates

  • Fast closings

  • Best Loan Officer access 

  • Approval Preparation for Non-Qualified Buyers 

  • Free professionally installed ADT Alarm System w/camera as a housewarming gift at no cost to you (1,000 value)

  • Affiliation with our 5-star staff which enhances your presence, image, and buying experience for your buyers. 

Partner With Us?

Consider NowICanOwn as your go to tool which gives you the ability to excel. 

You will have access to a bigger pool of buyers because you can now:

  • Get tough deals done

  • Save your buyers huge sums of money by eliminating the need for a large downpayment. 

  • Have a team behind you to get even difficult deals done while you are concentrating on your next deal. In other words, the support you need on your journey to REALTOR ROCKSTARDOM!

Team Meeting

Approval Preparation Help For Your Buyers

If your Buyers are not mortgage-ready we do all the work to prepare your clients for approval. 

Below 640

  • A free assessment of your Buyer's credit will be done for you

  • A specific Approval Action Plan is developed which becomes their roadmap to Approval

Scores Unknown


  • We will check your Buyer's credit (soft pull) to determine if you are mortgage-ready.

  • If credit scores are fine approvals are immediately obtained

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