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Why stop at good credit when you can have great credit?

Our Aftercare360 program is designed to take you from good credit to great credit. It combines all the tools you will need to maintain your new good credit and the ongoing support needed to continually increase your scores to GREAT CREDIT. AfterCare Membership is only available for our clients who have completed our homeownership plus programs. It’s our way of saying “Thank You.

If you haven’t realized, your credit rating is more important than ever. Most companies and creditors are pulling credit to either judge you or to determine how much more or how much less you will pay based on your credit scores. That’s a good thing if you have GREAT credit, not so good if you don’t.

The reality is that with great credit life gets a lot CHEAPER!


  • Lower car payments,

  • Lower: insurance premiums

  • having access to credit cards with larger limits

  • and even having a better chances on a job search (yes employers are pulling credit also).

These are just some of the benefits of having GREAT CREDIT.

Our aftercare360 program is specifically designed to move you from good credit to GREAT CREDIT.

Lets take a closer look,

Your NowICanOwn ongoing support is through our processing department. You will have ongoing access to our expert staff.

This support includes:

  • Ongoing credit restoration access

  • Financial Education which includes life changing education which will help you control and grow your finances.

  • Referral resource portal to companies which offer lower prices for clients with great credit.

  • Online consultation. – We are still here for you.

  • Annual Assessment

  • AfterCare Membership pricing if any credit restoration work is needed in the future.

  • 24/7 Customer Portal Access which is continually updated with resources to assist you.

Congratulations on achieving good credit! Now lets get you to GREAT CREDIT! Now You Can!

Turn your good credit into rainy day cash

AfterCare 360 Advantage combines Aftercare 360 combines credit restoration and rebuilding designed to assist clients with turning good credit into great credit along with assistance with obtaining high limit credit cards credit lines to help with insuring against life's unexpectancies such as a sudden illness loss of a job or sudden expenses that may put your new home at risk.

Although purchasing your new home is a mildstone in your life journey you will want to insure that your ability to pay your mortgage is protected. 

We are not advacates of creating credit card debt, however utilized properly high limit credit cards can be an excellent way to add a greater layer or cushion in the time of crisis. 

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Whats included.

Full assessment 

Chex Systems Audit

Funding plan developed

Relationship Banking Consultation Recommendations


Getting Started Is Easy


AfterCare 360 Plus w/ High Limit Credit

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