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Approval Preparation For Not-So-Good Credit

Step One:
     File Setup $299.00

_______________________________________ File Setup includes all work necessary to begin the Approval Preparation process. Complete Analysis of Negative Accounts New Credit Consulting Complete Approval Analysis Advance Approval Action Plan Prequalification Consulting Down Payment Prescreening Privacy audit

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Step Two:
     Approval Preparation $199.00/mo.

________________________________________ Approval Preparation includes all the neccessary work to ensure Home Loan Approval. Complete Analysis of Creditor Accounts Monthly Progress & Analysis Reports Credit Disputes (3 Phase Process) Collection Agency Disputes Credit Disputes Creditor Cease and Desist Consulting Debt Validation & Verification Client Portal

Approval Preparation

Premium Credit Restoration

Advanced Credit Rebuilding

Loan Approval Consulting

Home Loan Approval Preparation 

DPA Pre Screening


Once Approval Preparation Is Complete

Homeownership Plus
All the help you need, all in one place

Homeownership Plus     Advantage

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Once Approval Preparation is complete Home ownership Plus Advantage begins. Your file is submitted for Home Loan Approval and Downpayment Assistance Sourcing. Once approvals are obtained (which generally takes 24 hours) your agent will contact you for your exit session enabling you to begin the home buying process.
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After Approvals are obtained

Processing $249

Downpayment Assistance Sourcing $499
(covers up to $20,000 in downpayment assistance eligibility or up to 400,000 prequalification).

Precommitment Certification available (eligiblity based on State and Region) Precommitment Certification Consulting $299.00. (optional).

It's just that simple


Let's Get Started                    

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2 upgrade your smartcredit.png
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1 create your account.png

Create Your Account

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Upgrade Your Smartcredit

Why is upgrade needed. During Approval Preparation we will need to have full access to your reports with the Transunion, Equifax and Experian (trimerge report). All advance credit restoration and rebuilding is done through your trimerge report in order to ensure full restoration and rebuilding services. NowICanOwn and participating lenders do not access your reports directly until approvals are requested. Please login to your Smartcredit account.    Smartcredit will debit  24.99/mo (while your restoration work is being done) starting 30 days from your smartcredit account creation date.

3 Verify your identity.png

Verify Your Identity

Required Documents

1.  Valid Photo ID
2:  Mail showing current address.

Please take 1 photo with both documents included.

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