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Referral Partner Program

Grow With US

"Finally a company that you can count on and does what they say... I have never come across a company anywhere in the nation that produces the results I have experienced here..."                                                                 

J. Figard


Your Approval Preparation Tool
No need to turn credit challenged leads away. You can now spend your time making a meaningful connection with your lead  by offering a solution to obstacles which may prevent approval. Simply referred them over, we take the time to develop them into Mortgage Ready clients that are eager to get back to you. 


Your Clients Are Our Clients
At Least Until We Send Them Back To You Approved


No longer do you have to turn clients away due to their inability to make it to the preapproval stage. Send your clients over and we will work with them to make them mortgage ready. Our staff is patient, courteous, and above all professional. Increase your revenue by increasing your customer base.

As a service organization, we know how important reputation and referrals are to stability and growth. Our commitment is to have your client sent back to you approved and astonished.

Send Them Over, Get Them Back
Mortgage Ready


A portal will be created which will allow you view your clients progress 24/7. When you send a client over, they will automatically be assigned to your affiliate account. Use the chart below to determine an approximation of how long it will be until you get your client back.

grid 1 foa.PNG

Stay In The Loop
Automated Client Nurturing System (ACNS)


We have the programming capability to create customized alerts that will keep you in the loop. Our Automated Client Nurturing System (ACNS) will be your go to tool for keeping track of your referrals. Our system will do all the work of keeping up with your referred clients and any correspondence they may need. There's no need for a secretary to keep up with all the clients in the pipeline.

ACNS Features for you

  •  Status updates - including deletion, correction and updated status of negative accounts. 

  • Lead nurturing assistance - customize-able reminder emails to help you keep organized with no effort on your part. Reminders can include: client contact information etc. Reminders can be sent on client's birthdays, closing date anniversaries etc. Excellent feature and we do all the work for you, no charge!

  • Upcoming program completion notifications.

  • Customizable configuration - Our programmers are awesome, just let us know what your needs are.  

  • Administrator team view access - If you are a manager, you can also track the progress of clients from all of your team members.


ACNS Features for your clients

  • Customer Portals - Your clients can log in and have real-time access to status. Your customers can log in and have access to their credit repair status, notes, dispute history, attachments, agreements, and more. 

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Let's Get Started!
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