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Sales Agent

Bring out your INNER ROCK STAR!

Are you the best, or at least trying to be?

No longer do you have to turn clients away due to low credit scores, lack of a downpayment or the inability to obtain approvals. Send your clients over, our  experts are courteous, and above all professional.

Providing Solutions For Your Clients 

  •  Very Simple Down Payment Assistance (DPA)

    • Single & 2 Family homes (forgiven \ no classes \ no red tape

    • 3 to 4 Family Homes (repayment requirement \ no classes

  • Fast Home Loan Approvals 

    • Conventional Loans 1,3 and 5% Down Payment*

    • Precommitment Certifications

  • Approval Preparation for Not-So-Good-Credit

    • Free credit analysis

    • Free specific Approval Action Plan

    • Advanced Credit Restoration and Rebuilding for home loan

Upload New Client

Uploading New Clients is simple


Simple enter your client's information and we take it from there. Just sit back and wait to Get Them Back APPROVED!
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Client Tracking Portal

Once registration is complete you will receive your login credentials for portal access to track your clients.
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