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Assessment Review Session

To prepare for your Assessment Review session, please view the videos below. 


During Your Session

  • Your Specific Approval Plan Is Explained

  • Any questions you may have are answered

  • Your agent will assist you with creating your account.

Approval Preparation

Once Approval Preparation Is Complete

Downpayment Assistance*

Single Family and 2 Family Homes*
Does not have to be paid back
(3 year residency required)
Covers entire downpayment (up to $20,000)
0% interest / no payments
No classes to atten
No face to face appointment required

Seller credits allowed

Home Loan Advantages

Best interest rates possible
Pre Commitment Certifications
Fast closings

Case Study

Down Payment  (3.5%) $7,000

Closing Cost (Estimated) $7,000 

Original Cost To Close   $14,000 
Down Payment Assistance  $7,000

New Cost To Close $7,000 
 Seller Contribution applied -$3,500 

Final Cost To Close   $3,500 
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