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$0 Down Payment Is Now Possible

(Even With Not-So-Good Credit)

"This program is amazing!!!! I am so happy and blessed for their service..."

J. Wilson

  >>> For Low Credit Scores <<<

Homeownership Plus

  • Advanced Credit Restoration

  • Advanced Credit Rebuilding

  • Home Loan Approval Preparation 

  • DPA prescreening

  • Homeownership Plus-Advantage Preparation

Homeownership Plus   Advantage 



  • Down Payment Assistance Consulting,

    • No Classes or Workshops to attend

    • No Red Tape & Fast Easy Approvals

  • Pre-Approval Consulting,

  • Pre-Commitment Consulting

If you are not sure about your current credit scores, Request  Your Free Assessment through Homeownership Plus.

All the help you need, all in one place.

  >>> For Low Credit Scores <<<

Expert staff


Our Approval Preparation Experts will develop your specific approval action plan and work with you to obtain your approvals. The best part is we do all the work for you!

Approval Preparation


If credit issues are present, our Expert Credit Consultants know exactly what has to be done to get you approved to purchase your home. We utilize a multi-tier approach which often times results in credit score increases in a very short time period.

Participating Lenders


Participating Lenders work hand in hand with our Mortgage Approval Consultants to achieve the goal of providing funding and downpayment assistance for your home purchase. 

Preferred Realtors


Our Preferred Top Realtor list is comprised of companies and individuals which we feel possess the degree of integrity, professionalism and knowledge we require for our clients. Quite frankly, to be placed on our lists is not an easy task. 

You'll Be Amazed Too!

Some of our clients are amazed to discover they are already paying more in rent than the cost of owning a home. What's even more amazing is that some of our clients go on to purchase their homes with a little more than the cost of moving into another rental. 


You can always decide to own a 2 or 3 family home. Qualifying for a multi-family home can be easier because the rent received from tenants increases your qualifying income (which generally translates into higher approval amounts). Request a free assessment today and find out how surprised you will be!

Owning your own home guarantees financial growth for your future. Renting does not.
first time home buyer program
"Net worth of homeowners average 
36 times greater than that of renters
($194,500 vs. $5,400)"