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 Getting approved is now easy, 
even with not-so-good credit.

Down-Payment  Assistance Programs
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Low credit scores, lack of a large down payment or you simply just don't know where to begin? Our Homeownership Plus Program® is for you. Click here to request your free Assessment.

"...Now I Can Own helped me and my family get approved for our home when no one else could..."                                                                 

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Approval is now as easy as 1-2-3!


Approval Plan

​​Our Approval Preparation Experts will complete a free detailed analysis of your credit report and create your specific Approval Action Plan.

You are assigned an agent to:

  • Present and explain your approval action plan

  • Answer any questions you may have

  • Create your account. 


Approval Preparation

Our Approval Preparation Consultants know exactly what has to be done to get you approved for homeownership. Rest easy knowing our Approval Preparation Team is the best in the industry.


When low scores are an obstacle preventing approval, our three-tier approach to credit restoration and rebuilding continuously yields significant correction of inaccurate, unvalidatable, and unverifiable information which generally results in significant credit score increases in a very short time period of time.


    Home Loan Approval

    Our Mortgage Approval Consulting staff will work hand and hand with an extensive network of lenders ready to lend. Our network of Preferred Lenders have the best options available to get the deal done. Lenders will not only pre-qualify you, full pre-approval processing is available, making you close to being a cash buyer because your loan application is pre-processed before you begin your home search.

    Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Program with Participating Lenders.

    Homeownership Plus 

    All the help you need, All in one place.

    Bad credit mortgage loans

    Our approval preparation experts will...

    • Analyze your file

    • Develop your specific approval action plan

    • Work with you to obtain your loan approval.

    The best part is we do all the work for you!

    Expert Staff

    Bad credit mortgage loans

    Our expert credit consultants know exactly what has to be done to get you approved to purchase your home. ​We utilize a multi-tier approach which often times results in credit score increases in a very short time period.

    Credit Help

    Down payment assistance for Home ownership program

    All of our Participating Lenders work hand in hand with our mortgage approval staff to...

    • Achieve the goal of providing funding for your home purchase.

    • Obtain down-payment assistance (DPA) if needed



    Down payment assistance for Home ownership program

    Don't have a realtor, don't worry. We can refer you to Participating Realtors within our network, which can help you find you dream home.


    (You'll Be Amazed Too!)

    Some of our clients are amazed to discover they are already paying more in rent than the cost of owning a home. What's even more amazing is that some of our clients go on to purchase their homes with a little more than the cost of moving into another rental. You can always decide to own a 2 or 3 family home. Qualifying for a multi-family home can be easier because the rent received from tenants increases your qualifying income (which generally translates into higher approval amounts). 

    It Gets Even Better!
    (Down-Payment Assistance)

    Saving a large amount cash for a down payment is no longer an obstacle for renters dreaming of becoming homeowners. Qualified NowICanOwn clients have access to substantial Down-Payment Assistance. Participating lenders have down-payment assistance programs that can eliminate your need for a large down payment, or possibly eliminate your need for a down-payment all together. Request your assessment today to find out if you also qualify for down-payment assistance. 

    Owning your own home guarantees financial growth for your future. Renting does not.
    first time home buyer program
    "Net worth of homeowners average 36 times greater than that of renters ($194,500 vs. $5,400)"

     Survey of Consumer Finances collect data across all economic and social groups.  reports that homeowner’s net worth averages 36 times greater than that of a renter ($194,500 vs. $5,400).