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Case Study

let's take a look at how the now I can own homeownership Advantage Programs can potentially drastically increase your chances of closing on your new home with the least amount of money out of pocket possible. In this case study the home purchase price is 200k when purchasing your new home there will be two costs you will have to concern yourself with the first cost is your down payment which will be 3.5% of the purchase price and the second cost is your closing costs which can range between three to five percent of the purchase price the first box is showing the transaction without the now I can own homeownership advantage the 200,000 purchase price would require a 3.5% down payment of 7,000 and the estimated closing costs of an additional $7,000
down payment assistance is applied which covers the entire down payment requirement of $7,000 lowering the cost to close to just the closing costs of 7,000 it gets even better in the third box down payment assistance is applied along with the seller helping the buyer with closing costs by paying half of the cost for the buyer sellers are allowed to pay all of the required closing costs if they choose to do so why would a seller help a buyer with closing costs participants of our home ownership Advantage Program with the full pre-approval through our participating lenders sellers are not required to pay closing costs for buyers however frequently when Sellers and seller agents have offers with the full pre-approval buyers request for sale only have a pre-qualification or low-level pre-approval
now I can own home ownership Advantage participants can submit offers with a full pre-approval through our participating lenders submitting your offer with the full pre-approval gives you the Competitive Edge to win the bid and can increase your chances of negotiating the best still possible when negotiating with the seller because you are a strong buyer in this case study the required cost to close was reduced by 75% remember with NowICanOwn, Now You Can! 

White Bedroom
Down Payment  (3.5%) $7,000

Closing Cost (Estimated) $7,000 

 Original Cost To Close   $14,000 
Down Payment Assistance  $7,000

 New Cost To Close $7,000 
 Seller Contribution applied -$3,500 

 Final Cost To Close   $3,500 
Lower And Higher-Priced Homes Qualify!

 Home Price Limits                        Assistance Limits


1 Family     $75,567 to $1,149,826      100% Up to $40,243.87

2 Family    $106,975 to $1,472,250     100% Up to $51,528.75

3 Family    $120,643 to $1,779,525     100% Up to $62,283.37

4 Family    $157,648 to $2,211,600     100% Up to $77,406.00

The Competitive Advantage  Pre-Commitment Certificate

The ability to receive a precommitment certificate through our participating lenders is the most unique and powerful feature of our Home Ownership Plus Advantage program. If eligible here at Now I Can Own, you will have the option of choosing to obtain a precommitment certification. A precommitment certification.Is the highest pre-approval possible and the benefits are unsurpassed. Although most clients qualified, eligibility is determined when your pre qualification is complete. Here's how it works. Your file will be underwritten before your home search begins and a certificate will be issued to you verifying that the lender has committed.Finding your home purchase submitting this type of certification with your offer can significantly increase your chances of winning the bid on highly sought after properties and also gives you the overall competitive edge needed in housing markets which may have a high demand and low inventory of homes to choose from.Typically competing offers in most cases will have only a pre qualification or standard pre approval. So your pre commitment certificate will go very far with separating your offer from other offers which may be on the table.Although this consulting feature is optional, we highly recommend this to our clients looking to purchase in competitive markets where there are not in abundance of properties available to purchase and there are more buyers than sellers. So if you are looking to have a competitive advantage, remember with Now I Can Own, Now You Can.

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