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Realtor Referral Partners 

"Receive Fully Approved Buyers Excited to Work With You (and only you)"

Realtor Referral Partners

Taking the Key
"Offer Benefits To Your Buyers"
Team Meeting

 Purchase Price Limits 


1 Family    Up to $1,149,826

2 Family    Up to $1,472,250

3 Family    Up to $1,779,525

4 Family    Up to $2,211,600

Low Scores

  • A complete credit assessment is done ​

  • A specific Approval Action Plan is developed which becomes a concise gameplan 


  • We do the work, your buyers get approved. Its just that simple

   DPA Limits  

1 Family  Up to $40,243.87

2 Family  Up to $51,528.75

3 Family  Up to $62,283.37

4 Family  Up to $77,406.00

Credit Scores Unknown

We will check your credit to determine if you are mortgage-ready.

  • If your Buyer's credit scores are fine, we immediately obtain approvals.  

  • If your scores are low, we will prepare them for approval and then obtain approvals.

Approval Preparation Help For Your Buyers

Send Your Buyers To Us Get Them Back Approved

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Realtor Referral Partner
Receive Buyers 

Realtor Referral Partner
Provide Benefits To Your Buyers

​​Sumary Of Benefits You Can Now Provide Downpayment Assistance (DPA)  Multi-Family DPA (up to 4 units) (24 to 48-hour approvals) Fast Prequalifications Precommitment Certificates Fast closings Best Loan Officer access  Approval Preparation for Non-Qualified Buyers  Free professionally installed ADT Alarm System w/camera as a housewarming gift at no cost to you (1,000 value) Affiliation with our 5-star staff which enhances your presence, image, and buying experience for your buyers.

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