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Lower Credit Scores Won't Stop You

Taking the Key

Below 640

  • A free assessment of your credit will be done for you (no impact to your credit)

  • A specific Approval Action Plan is developed which becomes your roadmap to homeownership.

  • We will work with you to become mortgage-ready

You Are Not Sure

  • We will check your credit to determine if you are mortgage-ready.

  • Above 640 proceed to registration to obtain approvals (in 24 to 28 hours)

If your scores are below 640

We will work with you to become mortgage-ready

Simply request your free assessment.

We do the work, you get approved.


FICOTM Score Range

Approval Preparation Help

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Case Study

White Bedroom
Down Payment  (3.5%) $7,000

Closing Cost (Estimated) $7,000 

 Original Cost To Close   $14,000 
Down Payment Assistance  $7,000

 New Cost To Close $7,000 
 Seller Contribution applied -$3,500 

 Final Cost To Close   $3,500 
Lower And Higher-Priced Homes Are Now Eligible For Assistance

     Purchase Price Limits     

1 Family    Up to $1,149,826

2 Family    Up to $1,472,250

3 Family    Up to $1,779,525

4 Family    Up to $2,211,600

  Down Payment Assistance  

1 Family  Up to $40,243.87

2 Family  Up to $51,528.75

3 Family  Up to $62,283.37

4 Family  Up to $77,406.00

Here's What Some Of Our Program Participants Have To Say

Free Consultation

Team Meeting

Want additional information, advice or guidance?

We are here to help. 

Request Your Free Assessment 

Step One


Step Two

Check your  scores without affecting your credit.

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