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Here's What Our Program Participants Have To Say

Approval Preparation For Not-So-Good Credit

 Homeownership Plus
Approval Preparation


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All The Help You Need All In One Place

Our Approval Preparation Experts will develop your specific approval action plan and work with you to obtain your approvals. The best part is we do all the work for you!


Our Expert Staff

Our Approval Preparation Experts know exactly what has to be done to get you approved to purchase your home. If Credit Restoration and Credit Rebuilding is required, all work is specific to home loan approval. 

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Once Approval Preparation Is Complete,
You Get Approved.

Home Loan Approval w/ Downpayment Assistance

Most Powerful
Feature Of Our Program

Down Payment  (3.5%) $7,000

Closing Cost (Estimated) $7,000 

Original Cost To Close   $14,000 
Down Payment Assistance  $7,000

New Cost To Close $7,000 
 Seller Contribution applied -$3,500 

Final Cost To Close   $3,500 

Here's What Our Program Participants Have To Say

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