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If you are ineligible, there will be no responsibility for payment.

Its that simple

After Approved
Program pricing (once approvals are obtained)

Processing $249
Downpayment Assistance Sourcing $499

(Covers up to $20,000 in downpayment assistance eligibility or up to 400,000 prequalification).

*optional - Pre-Committment Certificate available (eligiblity required).

WHAT IF YOU ARE INELIGIBLE? Processing and Down Payment Assistance Sourcing fees are due ONLY AFTER PREQUALIFICATIONS ARE OBTAINED. If it is determined you are ineligible, there will be no responsibllity for Processing and Downpayment Assistance Sourcing. ​DON'T WORRY, WE HAVE YOU COVERED If you are ineligible, we will complete a free assessment to determine what needs to be done to prepare you for approval. Our Homeownership Plus (Approval Preparation) program is designed specifically to assist inelibible clients with Home Loan Approval Preparation. We don't turn you away!

Pre-Commitment Processing (optional) *eligibility required If eligible and selected, Precommittment Certification Consulting $299.00. ​


Let's Get You Approved!

Program Registration  $99.00
2 Borrowers $149.00
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