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Earn While Helping

Becoming an affiliate will enable you to help First Time Homebuyers obtain Home Loan Approval w/100% Downpayment Assistance (even w/not-so-good-credit)

We do the work, homebuyers get approved.

Its now just that simple!

Because the approval preparation work we do is specifically designed to assist with overcoming obstacles which may prevent desktop underwriting approval, you can now have the confidence of knowing your referrals will get approved.

Our Process

Clients which are Mortgage Ready obtain home loan approval with 100% Downpayment Assistance within 24 to 48 hours. No red tape, difficult approval process and ridiculous restrictions. 

If clients are not Mortgage Ready and Approval Preparation help is needed, we do all the work to prepare clients for approval. 

Tracking Your Referrals

When you refer clients to us, they are assigned to your account (allowing you to log into your portal and view your clients progress 24/7).You will have a complete 360 view of preparation progress such as: current scores, deletions and much more. For example if your client needed a point increase, you can quickly check 24/7 at a glance.

What To Expect

When you refer your client, we will immediately complete a detailed assessment which is specific to home loan approval. Includes:


  • Free Credit Report

  • Free Advanced Assessment Not only will our advanced assessment determine the scope of work needed to achieve the necessary credit scores for approval, we identify factors which may cause the file not to pass desktop underwriting approval, all the while keeping you totally in the loop.

  • Free Assessment Review Session

Customer Portals - Your clients can log in and have real-time access to status. Your customers can log in and have access to their credit repair status, notes, dispute history, attachments, agreements, and more.  

Family Breakfast


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  •  Very Simple Down Payment Assistance

    • Single & 2 Family homes (forgiven \ no classes \ no red tape

    • 3 to 4 Family Homes (repayment requirement \ no classes

  • Fast Home Loan Approvals 

    • Conventional Loans 1,3 and 5% Down Payment*

    • Precommitment Certifications

  • Approval Preparation for Not-So-Good-Credit

    • Free credit analysis

    • Free specific Approval Action Plan

    • Advanced Credit Restoration and Rebuilding for home loan approval

  • Free ADT alarm system for all First Time Homebuyers ($1,000 value)

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