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Here's what our program participants have to say...

"I thought I would never be able to own my own home, Thanks to NowICanOwn, now I have the keys to my new home. I received the most courteous, kind and professional service!"   

"I never believed I could own a home...  I said to myself, “I’m not going to call because I probably won’t be accepted into the program. I called anyway and to my surprise I was eligible. I was so happy because I’ve been turned down so many times... If it wasn’t for NowICanOwn my dream of being a home owner wouldn’t be a reality"

"Making it happen is an understatement, these people work miracles. Never in a million years would I have thought I’d make it this far in the process of owning a home. Too often no has been the answer, but finally this one yes is all I needed. NowICanOwn is awesome!!!"

"This program is amazing!!!! I am so happy and blessed for their service. My family get to experience a home of our own because of the help of NowIcanown. Very thankful and grateful."

"En cuestión de meses estaba listo para comprar. Siempre había sido mi sueño ser un dueño de casa, pero siempre pensé que era solo eso, un sueño. No tenía idea de que hubiera ayuda disponible para hacer de mi sueño un sueño". realidad. El programa es genial, lo he recomendado a todos mis amigos y familiares ".

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